Dr. Zemansky is one of the founding members of Pacific Assistance Group (PAG), a team of highly trained and dedicated professionals with many years of experience treating impaired healthcare professionals for a wide range of difficulties including substance problems, other addictions, mental health concerns (depression/anxiety etc.), behavioral issues, stress, aging, and other life challenges. PAG was formed in 2007, in anticipation of the California Medical Board’s closure of the statewide Diversion Program in June 2008.


Dr. Zemansky currently runs PAG groups in Los Angeles and is the Area Administrator for groups in the San Fernando/San Gabriel Valleys, San Bernardino/Riverside, Santa Barbara, and Fresno. Groups are once or twice weekly and serve as powerful "change agents" in the lives of group participants. Dr. Zemansky is well known for her ability to challenge group members to look beyond what they know and what they believe in order to search for value and meaning in alternative and complementary perspectives. Her use of compassion and humor are also important elements of her clinical expertise.

PAG provides private and confidential professional support and monitoring services as well as consultation, assessment/evaluation, healthcare professionals’ support groups, comprehensive drug/alcohol monitoring, and referrals for Fitness for Duty evaluations and various treatment options – from individual therapy to outpatient and inpatient programs. PAG providers also assists attorneys, hospitals and medical groups, well-being committees, professional societies, professional Boards, medical staff offices, medical school and residency programs, and others involved in the care and support of physicians/dentists/veterinarians/pharmacists/physician assistants/psychologists (etc.). PAG is the most extensive provider of these services throughout California; we have provided help to more healthcare professionals than any other organization, and we consistently receive high praise for our services.

PAG Agreements are designed specifically for each individual based on need and circumstances. If you are a healthcare professional in search of support for your well-being, we have the experience and knowledge to be able to help you. If you are the employer/colleague/ friend or family member of a healthcare professional in need of assistance, we are uniquely qualified to guide you in helping the professional who may be facing serious difficulties.

PAG provides services throughout California with groups in 15 cities: Oakland, San Jose, Redwood City, Sacramento, Fresno, Stockton, Santa Rosa, Crescent City, Eureka, Santa Barbara, Sherman Oaks, Santa Monica, San Bernardino, Newport Beach, and San Diego.

See PAG’s website for more information: www.pacificassistancegroup.com.