Licensed Clinical Psychologist  -  PSY21760

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist   -  MFT31536

Clinical Sex Addiction Therapist - Supervisor

Dr. Tracy R. Zemansky is a licensed Clinical Psychologist, licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and Clinical Sex Addiction Therapist - Supervisor, with a private practice in Santa Monica, California since 1994.  She does clinical and forensic psychological assessments, as well as interpersonal psychotherapy with individuals, families, and groups. Her areas of particular expertise include: substance and process addictions, positive psychology, and impaired professionals, as well as trauma, abuse, grief/loss, disfigurement, and cross-cultural issues.  She is one of the few Los Angeles-based psychologists doing collaborative/therapeutic assessment, a process using psychological testing as a brief, dynamic intervention, helping clients and referring therapists address diagnostic challenges and entrenched patterns.

Dr. Zemansky received her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Fielding Graduate University in Santa Barbara, California; her dissertation "The Risen Phoenix: Psychological Transformation Within the Context of Long-term Sobriety in Alcoholics Anonymous" examined links between Positive Psychology and individuals with over ten years of recovery in AA.  Dr. Zemansky has Master’s degrees in Clinical Psychology (Fielding Graduate University), Marriage and Family Therapy (Phillips Graduate Institute in Los Angeles), and Psychology/Philosophy (Accademia Europea – CRS-IDEA in Bergamo, Italy). Her undergraduate studies were at UCLA and at l’Université de Bordeaux III, in Bordeaux, France.  She studied under Dr. Patrick Carnes to become certified as a Clinical Sex Addiction Therapist – Supervisor. Additionally, she took Drug and Alcohol Certification courses at UCLA, Extension, then taught Ethics and Group Therapy classes in that program for many years.

A dynamic and engaging speaker, Dr. Zemansky has presented on diverse topics at many statewide and national conferences including: Collaborative Assessment of Complex Sex Addiction Clients (International Institute for Trauma and Addiction Professionals), A Traumatized Adult on the Autism Spectrum (Society for Personality Assessment), The Value of Peer Support for Impaired Healthcare Professionals (Western States Conference on Physician Well-Being), The Psychology of International Business Relations: Cultural Awareness and Cross Cultural Training (UCLA Fully Employed and Executive MBA Program), Facing the Challenge: A Group Model for Successfully Living with Disfigurement (Phoenix Society World Burn Conference), and Family Dynamics and Craniofacial Trauma: The Challenge of Healing (Florida State Craniofacial Association).

Dr. Zemansky is an acknowledged expert in working with healthcare professionals and a founding member as well as current President of Pacific Assistance Group, the sole comprehensive, Support and Monitoring Program for impaired healthcare providers throughout California since 2007. She currently runs Professional's Groups in Los Angeles and oversees groups in other areas of Southern California. 

In addition to her career as a Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Zemansky is a designer and artist, an avid world traveler, a ballroom/swing dancer, a Master's swimmer and founding member of Ladies Swim Lounge who has swum Alcatraz Sharkfest seven times, a scuba diver, and a dedicated life-long student.